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ECU Reconditioning Service - IGNITION TWIN POINT 137650on

Exchange ECU-you have to send in your correct old unit for repair -turn around on this is usually 1 week--there are no donor bodies available which is why we require your unit with its part number intact and vehicle spec to ensure you get the correct unit back--do not send in any old unit as an exchange unit as when repaired it will not work on your car.

If you can provide us with your car details also we can update the fitment records as there seems to be a discrepancy with Rover details listed.

  • £250.00 exc vat
  • £300.00 inc vat

 Special order

help Recommended usage 1 x MKC104292 to fit one mini.
See details below of where MKC104292 is used in AKM manual.
Power unit electrics-MPI - Qty 1

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Power unit electrics-MPI

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